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The mother of all super foods and green foods, Spirulina is estimated
to be 3.6 billion years old. As one of the oldest living organisms on Earth, Spirulina contains the wisdom of the ages and the genetic information of all life on earth.
During these billions of years Spirulina has evolved to thrive unlike any other life form on earth. It is unique among all species on Earth in that it does not compete with any other organism in order to survive. It simply lives where nothing else will live. It's consciousness has evolved beyond competition into a higher dimensional state. For thousands of years indigenous peoples of Africa and the Americas have consumed Spirulina as a protein source and a means of elevating their consciousness. Through the work of early pioneers such as Dr. Hiroshi Nakamura of Japan, our mentor Dr. Christopher Hills of England and others, Spirulina has been brought to the attention of modern society.
Nutritional Highlights Protein: Highly digestible (over 90%) and in nearly identical amino acid profile to the human body; all 10 essentials and 9 more! Essential Fatty Acids: contains abundant Omega 3 and Omega 6. Antioxidants: A rainbow of vitamins, pigments and phytonutrients, including: B Complex & vitamins (highest known source of B-12), C, E. Beta and mixed carotenoids, (exceptionally rich in beta carotene; 20 times more than carrots) Phycocyanin: the highest known source of the rare immune enhancing blue antioxidant. S.O.D. High levels of this antioxidant enzyme. Glyconutrients: a range of protection. GLA: only mother's milk is higher in this anti-inflammatory. Glycogen: The only vegetarian source of this energy giving nutrient. Rhamnose: a rarebiologically active carbohydrate which delivers nutrients to the cells and across the blood brain barrier. Essential Micro and Macro Minerals including Iron and Calcium in abundance. RNA, DNA, Chlorophyll and more.

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Spirulina has been used for radiation notably in Chernobyl - free your pineal gland from years of abuse and assault from GMOs and chemicals